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The Great Shark Escape (the Magic School Bus Chapter Book, No. 7)

Rating Reviews 4 stars
Great Shark Escape


Author: Jennifer Johnston

Brief summary:

On a field trip to an aquarium with Miss Frizzle and her science class, Arnold not only overcomes his fear of sea animals but also becomes the hero of the day.
Let me share with you a great book entitled The Great Shark Escape (the Magic School Bus Chapter Book, No. 7). The author is Jennifer Johnston and it was published around September of 2001 by Scholastic. The child's book is centered on Sharks and it is deemed exceptional juvenile literature. The children's book is 96 pages long and it is full of black & white artwork. Based on the Magic School Bus books written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen, add to cart by clicking on the weblink below.

What starts as a class trip to the aquarium ends in the depths from the ocean, exactly where the class has to escape from the jaws of a great white shark. The magic School Bus has never been so deep! Ms. Frizzle teaches the class all about different shark species, like the goblin shark, the angel shark, at the identical time as the enormous whale shark.


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