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The Magic School Bus Ups And Downs: A Book About Floating And Sinking

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Magic School Bus Ups And Downs

Scholastic Paperbacks

Author: Joanna Cole

You simply must read a copy of Ups And Downs : a book about floating and sinking a strong children's book by Joanna Cole. The author is Joanna Cole and the publisher is Scholastic Paperbacks. It went on sale in February of 1997. The children's book is 32 pages long and it includes different colorfully illustrated pages. Watch Scholastic's The Magic School Bus TV Show on PBS. It emphasizes Floating bodies. It's dimensions are 7.8"H x 7.95"L x 0.12"W and it weighs around 0.17 lbs. To find the best bargain on a copy for this children's book as well as other items, click on our store button on this page.

Is there a monster living in Walker Lake? The kids try to dive down beneath the water, however the bus won't go! The class has to figure out how to turn their floater into a sinker so they can solve the mystery with the underwater monster. Take a dive with all the Magic School Bus, and learn why things float and sink! That's what Ms. Fizzle's class is wanting to find out.


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