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Twister Trouble (the Magic School Bus Chapter Book, No. 5)

Rating Reviews 4 stars
Twister Trouble


Author: Ann Schreiber


While on their way to Weatherama Amusement Park to attend the Wild Weather Show, Ms. Frizzle and her class get a first-hand lesson in the forces of nature as they fly directly into the heart of a powerful tornado.
For those interested in a book I've put together some info. Twister Trouble (the Magic School Bus Chapter Book, No. 5) by Ann Schreiber is a great book. The author is Ann Schreiber and it was published by Scholastic. The child's book was released on the 1st of March, 2001. The paperback book concerns Tornadoes and is considered very good juvenile literature. The child's book is 76 pages long and it is made of illustrations.

The kids in Ms. Frizzle ¹ s class are getting ready for the Wild Climate Show. It ¹ s a whirlwind of excitement! To prepare, they take a field trip for the Weatherama Amusement Park. The class finds out just how wild weather could be when they accidentally fly appropriate into a strong tornado.


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